Review: Riding the Centipede by John Claude Smith

Riding the Centipede - John Claude Smith

I received a free copy of Riding the Centipede in return for an honest review.


Riding the Centipede is very much a "what the hell did I just read?" kinda book. It's horror on drugs. The author takes you on a weird surreal and bizarre journey and as dark and twisted as the story gets you just can't help but read on.


The characters are well fleshed out. They are fascinating and multi-layered and you really get a good rummage around inside their minds as the story unravels. You want to get to know them, want to understand the depravity and what drives them. There are so many great characters that it's hard to pick a favourite, they all stood out in their own way but after meeting the Ratman I think I have gone off cheese for life.


Riding the Centipede is a book that I won't forget in a hurry, it's full of visceral stomach turning scenes that are so well written that, even though you're cringing, you keep on reading out of morbid fascination and curiosity. You just can't help yourself.


Highly Recommended.




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