Review: Those of My Kind by Jennifer Loring

Those of My Kind - Jennifer Loring

I received a free copy of Those of My Kind from the publisher in return for an honest review.


I love to find books with strong female leads and Those of My Kind certainly has that. The characters are strong and fiercely independent females who have had a very rough life. They fight the good fight, battling evil, sacrificing love and happiness for the good of mankind despite the temptations put in their path. All under the radar without any thanks or recognition.


Although the characters were well rounded and complex, I feel that I didn't get to know them as well as I would have liked. I am left with a lot of questions but that's not as negative as it sounds. I'm curious, the characters and plot intrigue me. I want to delve deeper, understand them, their culture and history and background from beforehand and the author can only cover so much in one book. The fact that I want to know more and get a deeper understanding of the characters is a testament to how well the author drew me into the story and captured my attention.


There were a few niggly inconsistencies. No electricity yet the stove clock was still working. The placing of tea leaves in the tea kettle, which then changes to tea bags in the cups, then back to tea leaves in the bottom of the cups after that, and a few other similar things. Not huge inconsistencies and not important to the plot, just little things that popped out at me while reading.


Those of My Kind was totally different from what I was expecting and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The storyline is unique, it draws you in and moves at a very fast pace. Definitely one I would recommend.




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