Review: The Darkest Secret by Alex Marwood

The Darkest Secret - Alex Marwood

I received a free copy of The Darkest Secret from the publisher in return for an honest review.


The Darkest Secret didn't turn out to be the read I was hoping for. I can't say I liked many of the characters, they were just unlikable and horrible human beings. I found almost every character in the book to be either narcissistic, materialistic, shallow, spineless and god awful parents. I wanted to shake almost every single one of them. Writing characters that a reader detests in this way is as hard as writing characters that a reader will like and relate to, so although these characters weren't my thing I can see the positive in my reaction to how the author portrayed them.


The writing style was good but the plot felt drawn out. The twists, although there were plenty, felt predictable. The book just didn't draw me in and have me eager to know what happens next. There was also a lot of filler throughout the book. Many of the chapters, especially those in the present day section, weren't really needed.


All in all it wasn't the most gripping read but if you like your characters more on the mean and self absorbed side then perhaps you'll enjoy this one more than I did. I do enjoy the odd nasty character but I prefer there to be an explanation behind it and I would have preferred to see flawed/damaged characters hiding behind all that meanness.





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