Review: Consumed Volume 2: A Horror Anthology by Kyle M. Scott

Consumed Volume 2: A Horror Anthology - Kyle M. Scott

I received a free copy of Consumed Volume 2: A Horror Anthology in return for an honest review.


I first came across Kyle M. Scott's writing when I was recommended his first collection Consumed: Volume 1 and I have been a huge fan and devoured every book by this author ever since. Consumed Volume 2 is his latest release, which I enjoyed every bit as much as all of his previous works.


Kyle as the ability to not only disturb you with his grisly scenes but to also make you think and contemplate the deeper underlying theme or message found in each story. Each short touches on many different aspects of society today and all the things that are wrong in the world. Kyle's uncanny ability to mix horror with a deeper underlying message causes the reader to look inside and to consider their own views and is part of what makes his short stories so unique.


Kyle's writing style is reminiscent to the horror that I grew up reading, the kind that I continually search for in every book that I pick up. The stories are full of not only blood and gore horror but also the horror of humanity, and they never cease to draw me in and entertain me in the most twisted way.

Definitely one I would recommend, in fact I would recommend all books by this author to horror fans out there.




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