Review: The Red Highway by E. Robert Dunn

The Red Highway - E. Robert Dunn, David G. Barnett, Erik Wilson


I received a free copy of The Red Highway in return for an honest review.


At first I found The Red Highway a struggle, not because it wasn't enjoyable but because there was so much to take in. However, once I got into the flow of the writing style and got all the characters straight in my head, I couldn't put it down.


There is a lot to The Red Highway, it covers lots of topics such as racism, the porn industry, sexism, transgender, faith, abuse, police brutality, alcoholism and more, and it's done very well. Many of these topics are hard to read or a bit risqué to approach within a story and the author has done an excellent job. If I had been informed beforehand that race was going to play such a significant part in the story I'm sure I would have thought twice about reading the book. Usually I'm not comfortable reading books where race and racism are present, I normally find myself getting irritated and angry as it's major a pet peeve of mine - but I didn't find that at all with The Red Highway. I commend the author for going places that many would find uncomfortable or see as too risqué, it was a brave move and one that makes for excellent reading.


The characters are well portrayed and fleshed out. They are normal everyday people who are down on their luck, outcasts, struggling to survive yet ready to take that leap. Real people that are willing to step up and become the true heroes that every reader can sympathise and root for.


The pacing was consistent, there's always something happening that has you turning just one more page, then another, and although I stumbled a little in the beginning I was soon hooked and flying through the pages dying to know what came next.


The Red Highway is by no means a easy read, it's a book to get your teeth into. A book that requires you to pay attention and to really digest the pages before you. It's thrilling, it's tense, it's risqué and it's one that I really enjoyed and would recommend highly.




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