It's nice to know there are still some good people out there.


I was in the kitchen tonight making a coffee and out the kitchen window I noticed an elderly neighbour from further up my street out delivering his christmas cards. I watched as he shuffled across the road and struggled to get up onto the pavement to deliver a card to my mother n law in the house next to me. I waited by the window for him coming back out again because I was really concerned to see him so unsafe on his feet. Five minutes later there was still no sign of him so I threw my shoes on and ran outside to check on him. I found him holding onto the fence unable to go any further, he claimed he was fine but I knew he wasn't so I talked him into letting me walk with him.


I offered him my arm and gave him some support but it quickly became a struggle and I was barely managing to keep him upright, as this was happening three cars drove by. Three cars full of people that I know saw me struggling to help someone in need yet chose not to stop and help. Half way up the street he just couldn't go any further and I knew there was no way I could manage on my own, I had to prop him up against a fence and run back down the street to wake my husband to come help. Between the two of us we managed to get him almost to his house, we were literally carrying him at this point and in that time another two cars drove by and ignored his need for help.


How on earth can people just drive on and ignore someone in need of help? Are people really that busy that they are unable to stop and give a few minutes of their time to help someone in need?


Just as I had given up hope of anyone being kind hearted enough to stop and help us, a young girl who had just been dropped off nearby in a taxi came over to see if we needed help. Between the three of us we got him almost to his door and just as we were discussing how we were going to get him up the flight of stairs to his upstairs flat a young man pulled up across the road and came over to help. We got him inside and up the stairs between the four of us and my fading belief that there are still good people out there was restored.


People say that todays younger generation are selfish and have no consideration or respect for others, yet it was that younger generation that stopped and took the time to help us tonight. They stopped while five cars, probably full of the kind of people who are so quick to declare these claims about that younger generation, chose to drive on past.