Review: Cookie Classics Made Easy by Brandi Scalise

Cookie Classics Made Easy: One-Bowl Recipes, Perfect Results - Brandi Scalise

I received a free copy of Cookie Classics Made Easy from the publisher in return for an honest review.


Cookie Classics Made Easy is nicely presented and has lots of delicious looking cookie recipes. Each recipe is set out clearly and has a nice bright colourful photo of the finished product. The recipes themselves are pretty straight forward, just shove everything in the bowl and off you go.


I tried a few of the recipes but I have to admit it wasn't as straight forward as I was expecting. I'm from the UK and all the ingredients in the review copy I was provided with had US weights and measures, there was a conversion chart at the beginning of the book that covered some of the conversions but it didn't cover all of them and I had to look some up online. I'm not sure if the UK version once released will have UK or US measurements but I felt I had to point this out for anyone who is not familiar with US weights and measures which vary quite a bit from the metric measurements we use in the UK.


Another problem that I had was that every recipe was for 3, 4 or more dozens of cookies. Two recipes and you have 6 to 8 dozen cookies, which is fine if you're feeding an army but not for when you just fancy throwing a small batch in the oven for a treat. I had to reduce the ingredients to make smaller batches which was a bit time consuming to do, especially with the unfamiliar US measurements. It makes more sense to have the recipe set up for a smaller amount, perhaps one dozen, allowing the ability to easily double or triple it to make more rather than messing around with trying to reduce it.


The recipes I did try, once I had everything worked out, turned out to be delicious and went down well with all the family and I would certainly make them again but all the hassle of trying to reduce and convert the recipes beforehand isn't really the "Made Easy" experience I was looking for.




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