Review: Life After Dane by Edward Lorn

Life After Dane - Edward Lorn

I received a free copy of Life After Dane from the publisher in return for an honest review.


It's always a pleasure to read something by Mr Lorn, his writing style is right up my street: dark, disturbing and scary with humour thrown in for good measure. What more could you ask for? As a huge fan I jumped into this one without any knowledge of what I was in for, not a good move on my part.  I am absolutely terrified of the dentist and anything to do with pain of any sort to do with teeth, so this one got more than a few cringes from me!


Life After Dane was a roller-coaster of a read, both emotionally and psychologically. Lorn weaves a tale that exposes the reader not only to the supernatural but also to the all too real human side of horror, which is truly horrifying to read. The author does an excellent job of playing with the readers emotions, pulling them back and forth in a way that not only keeps them on the edge of their seat but also in a constant state of conflict in regards to who to root for. My feelings and emotions were all over the place, jumping back and forth between feeling sorry for characters one minute to detesting them the next. Some of the scenes were heartbreaking to read, especially as a parent, knowing that for some it's an everyday reality, one they have no control over.


I'm just going to totally skip over the parts involving teeth. *Shudder*


One you won't want to miss. I read it in one sitting. Who needs sleep right?


Highly recommended!





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