Review: Eight Deadly Kisses: A Dark Chapter Press Anthology

Eight Deadly Kisses: A Dark Chapter Press Anthology - Erica Chin, Audrey E.L. Coots, C.A. Viruet, Alice J. Black, Sharon L Higa, Fiona Dodwell, D.A. Chaney, David Basnett, Veronica Smith, Jack Rollins

Dark Chapter Press and the writers gathered in this anthology have committed to supporting CAMFED, a charity providing education for girls and young women in Africa, to build brighter futures and to encourage the development of female leaders. All money received by Dark Chapter Press from sales of Eight Deadly Kisses will be donated to CAMFED.


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Evil does not consider, or discriminate, it simply selects its target, stalks, and strikes. Evil is a concept in which the sexes are equal. We’re all fair game.


Eight Deadly Kisses: A Dark Chapter Press Anthology


As you can see from my individual ratings I didn't love every story in the collection but that's usually the case with anthologies. I'm hard to please when it comes to short stories but as a whole I would give this one 4 stars. The concept is a great idea and even though some of them have a lower individual rating they were still pretty good stories, they just weren't of the same quality, in my opinion, as the higher rated ones.


1 - Night Terrors by Audrey E. L. Coots - 4 stars


That was a great start to the collection. A very well written creepy little tale. If they are all this good this is going to be a great collection of stories.


2 - Soul Seekers by Alice J. Black - 4 stars


That was certainly one kickass female! Me likey. Two really good stories in a row, this bodes well.


3 - The Dead Season by Fiona Dodwell - 2 stars


This is a decent and original little story but I found the dialogue to be repetitive in parts.


4 - Marion by Erica Chin3 stars


I was really enjoying this one until the ending, I'm not a fan of how it ends. I can't imagine that the outcome, if I am understanding correctly who the voice is, is one that the voice would have wanted for the boy.


5 - Commuting by Veronica Smith - 3 stars


I was not expecting that! However it felt like a rather abrupt and random way to finish.


6 - The Black Cat by Sharon Higa - 2 stars


While this was an OK story, the way the parents interacted with the MC like she was a young child rather than a 14 year old girl didn't match with how strong and mature she instantly became afterwards. You don't sit a 14 year old on your hip like they're a young child or carry them to bed, change them into their night clothes and tuck them in like a baby.


7 - Late Lunch by C.A. Viruet - 2.5 stars


Well that was weird but I'm left thinking why? What was the actual reasoning behind it? The writing was a bit choppy and there was repetitive use of words in places but it was original and rather bizarre.


8 - Prick by DA Chaney 4.5 Stars


This has to be my favourite of the collection. I really enjoyed the sarcasm and humour in this story.




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