Second author reported to mail chimp in just over a week.


So I received yet more spam from another author via mail chimp, which I have reported, but the reason I am making this post is to make other reviewers aware of what I discovered tonight.


On receiving the email I clicked on the link in the mail chimp footer called Why did I get this? and I discovered this lovely little message:


You were subscribed to this list because:
Your name was obtained from the book, How to Get 100+ Reviewers by Zak Mustapha.


Thank you.


Caroline McIntosh
[Insert authors mailing address here

Which I deleted for this post]


It seems someone called Zak Mustapha has managed to scour the web and create a nice list of reviewers emails and contact details and included them in a book for sale on Amazon and is making himself some profit at the expense of spamming reviewers. Now anyone who buys said book has a nice convenient list of people to spam. Nice of him huh?


I've reported the book to Amazon and made them aware of the situation and also informed mail chimp of the situation. You may want to check any spam you yourself receive via mailing lists in future as I'm sure the delightful Zak has included many many reviewers emails in his book for others to spam.