Review: Dear Amy by Helen Callaghan

Dear Amy - Helen Callaghan

I received a free copy of Dear Amy from the publisher in return for an honest review.


I found Dear Amy to be lacking in many ways. While the concept really appealed to me it failed to hold my attention. I kept finding myself drawn out of the story as certain reactions and situations just seemed too far fetched and implausible and I was unable to suspend belief enough to enjoy the book completely.


There wasn't the mystery, suspense or thrills I would have expected, if anything I found the twists to be rather predictable and I knew pretty much right away where the story was going from the get go.


Everything revolves around Margot, which is understandable she's the main character, but other characters suffered because of this. A girl is missing but  it feels like everything is Margot this and Margot that. All the events surrounding Margot felt superficial compared to the plight of the young girl being held against her will. There was a huge missed opportunity to really ramp up the tension, more focus was needed on the missing girl to really push the fear of her situation to the reader. It felt like she was forgotten for most of the book.


Despite the fact that I found it to be lacking I did enjoy the writing style and it was an OK read but not one I would recommend. It started out well but it failed to reach my expectations.




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