Review: Eight Rivers of Shadow by Leo Hunt

Eight Rivers of Shadow - Leo R. Hunt


I received a free copy of Eight Rivers of Shadow from the publisher in return for an honest review.


I was keen to read the next in the series after having enjoyed 13 Days Of Midnight, it wasn't a bad read but it wasn't as enjoyable as the first.


I feel that the characterisation was lacking in this second instalment. The choices that the characters made and their interactions didn't work for me. The story relies almost solely on the characters of Luke, Elza and Ash and they didn't come across as strong enough to drive the story in my opinion. I found myself questioning their decisions and more irritated by them than anything else.


The world building is what made the book more enjoyable. The visuals of the underworld and the descriptions of the scenes were a pleasure to read. I missed the humour though. A large part of what made the previous book fun was the Host, they brought a lot of humour and fun to the story and that was missing here.


All in All it was a decent read but it was lacking in comparison to the previous book in the series.





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