Review: Little Heaven by Nick Cutter

Little Heaven: A Novel - Nick Cutter

I received a free copy of Little Heaven from the publisher in return for an honest review.


I'm really not feeling this book at all, it's readable and I could finish it but I don't know if I want to. I'm 27% in and it's taken me a week to get that far. It's just so slow and drawn out.


There is a LOT of backstory given to the characters. Around 20%, perhaps more, of the book so far feels like it's been backstory. So you can imagine how little has actually happened of the present day storyline by 27%. Not much. Despite so much back story I still find myself not caring what happens to the characters. Is there danger ahead? Are they going to get hurt? Die? I'm honestly not compelled to pick the book up and read on to find out.


I also feel like there is a lot of useless information and filler in the book. I don't need to know every radio station or radio programme they are listening to. I don't need to know the words to the radio jingle that's airing in the car. I don't need to know so much detail about the plot of the movie a character is thinking about. I don't need to know all the product names of every item they buy.  I just want to get to the good stuff, to the adrenaline fuelled action, and not feel the need to skim all the useless information that's not adding anything to the story.


The whole time I am reading this I find myself thinking about the other books I have to read instead. I think it's time to admit defeat and move on.






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