Review: The Jersey Devil by Hunter Shea

The Jersey Devil - Hunter Shea

I received a free copy of The Jersey Devil from the publisher in return for an honest review.


Hunter Shea is fastly becoming one of my favourite horror authors. I can almost always be guaranteed a good read when I pick up one of his books. I say almost always because out of the five I have read so far there has only been one that wasn't really to my liking.


The Jersey Devil hooked me right from the start. It's fast paced, gripping and had me on the edge of my seat. Everything about this book was bang on. The characters were appealing and well fleshed out. The atmosphere and tension had me glued to the pages and there was always something happening or something just around the corner. I genuinely felt scared for the characters throughout this story. It was brutal, full of violence, gore, and monsters. Everything I love to see in horror. I loved every second of it and devoured it in one sitting.


Highly recommended.





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