I've read 19% of Foxlowe by Eleanor Wasserberg

Foxlowe - Eleanor Wasserberg


I swear the reading fairy must have it in for me lately, this is yet ANOTHER book where the author has neglected to use quotation marks! Why?!


Have I missed a memo or something, is this the new cool thing to do?


--D'you know there's a secret happening, something good? I asked Toby.  --Like what? --Something to do with me.  He frowned. --You have to clean, is all. We all have to before Solstice.  --Stupid, that's a not a good thing.


Ellen clanged pots around until Richard said, -- Is there a problem? and Freya said, --No, no problem, and the others drifted out of the kitchen, touching Blue's shoulder or her other arm as they passed.


It's so messy and pointless and interrupts the flow of the writing. Just make the dialogue clear.