My social media rant for today...

I love that social media gives me the ability to follow and to stay up to date with my favourite (and up-and-coming) authors, but I am becoming more and more aware of the negatives it brings with it.
Book reviews are for readers and all too often I'm seeing reviewers being ridiculed, insulted, name called, and the quality of their reviews picked apart in regards to their grammar and spelling etc. My opinion of a few authors who's books I have enjoyed and have given positive reviews to, has been negatively impacted by seeing them behave in this way on their social media, and to be honest it makes me not want to read anything from them in future. It leaves me thinking that if I don't like their book and I post a negative review, am I going to be ridiculed in the same way? I'd rather keep my money and spend it on a book written by an author that I know is above this kind of behaviour.
Reviewers post reviews mainly because they want to share their reading experiences with other readers, and in many cases also to support their favourite authors. They aren't putting their writing out there as a product expecting payment. Their review doesn't have to be perfectly formatted or their spelling and grammar perfect. They're not going to enjoy every book you publish, they should be able to be free to say they didn't enjoy it without being ridiculed on social media because the review doesn't meet your standards or their opinion doesn't match yours.
Reading is subjective, a review is one person's perspective. It's about the book and their experience with the book. It's not a personal attack, it's nothing to do with the author as a person. So please have the decency not to treat them to a public flogging.
I know there are reviewers out there who think it's ok to make a review a personal attack on an author, and that's not OK either. I don't agree with that at all. What I am referring to, and what spurred this post, is the awful and unneeded reactions to perfectly acceptable reviews that I have come across on my feed lately.