Review: Stealing Snow by Danielle Paige

Stealing Snow - Danielle  Paige

I received an advanced reading copy of Stealing Snow from Bloomsbury Publishing.


I always try to find a balance between the good and the bad in a book when writing a review but I am really struggling to find anything positive to say about this one. There were promising moments but they were completely drowned out by everything else.


The writing was OK but I would have liked to have seen more time spent world building and firing the reader's imagination. For a fantasy novel, it was very bland and flat. It didn't sweep me away into another land full of magic and amazing scenery like it should have done.


The book actually felt more like an expanded draft of an idea rather than an in depth complete novel. Everything was rushed and the story kept jumping forward without enough development in-between.


I saved the worst for last. The dreaded love triangle. Ok, it's not really a love triangle, it's worse, it's a love square! Yep, you heard me right. A love square. The MC jumped from one love interest to another at the drop of a hat. The whole reason she's there in the first place is to save the love of her life. Who knew saving your soul mate meant sucking face with every male that crossed your path.


I doubt I will be reading any more in this series.


Not one I would recommend.




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