Sellers are changing their tactics on Amazon

For a few days there my inbox was blissfully almost spam free but it's been short lived. I have noticed the spam starting to pick up again since last night and they are desperate to try find a way around the new rules. (see below)
I reported this email and got a generic response telling me this was not an email from Amazon and how I can protect myself from fake emails. Well duh!! I swear they don't even read what is in the emails they get.
New Cooperation for Amazon Reviews

to me
Hi Top reviewers,
With the amazon review policy changed ,we can not send the review code to you direct for exchange reviews ,but we have launched some new products also need reviews now ,we also need your help ,there are some new cooperation as below
1.please order our products at full payment at first ,please remember share order number to us .so that you can leave reviews on the amazon directly .
2.Please finished the video reviews within 10 days after got the products ,please note: It is must video reviews
3.Please share reviews link to us ,after we check it ,full refund to your PAYPAL account .we promise offer PAYPAL payment bill to you by email .
Please trust us ,if no got the payment and you don't need the products ,you can return the products to the amazon warehouse and refund to you ,so we promise we must pay the money to your by PAYPAL .
If your reviews are valuable and attractive , we believe we will have more cooperation in the next ,now we are looking for long term reviewer ,if you would like to do it ,welcome to contact us at any times.