Review: Love Lies Dead by Kyle M. Scott

Love Lies Dead: A Requiem for Love (Razorblade Candies Book 1) - Kyle M. Scott


Love Lies Dead was so wrong in so many ways and I loved it!!


There I was, feeling all sorry for the main character, feeling his pain, his sorrow, and his grief over the loss of his one true love. Hoping things would get better for him. And wondering...


How's he going to recover from that? That my friends is where things take a darker turn.


The author took me on a rollercoaster ride straight to hell with the most twisted, gory, and disgusting turn to the story. In the blink of an eye there is a whole different side to the character. Gone is the sympathy and instead my stomach was churning. What remains of the story is twisted, disgusting and depraved. It's so wrong on so many levels, and yet I couldn't help but read on.


Definitely one I would recommend for horror fans out there.




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