Review: The Good Sisters by Helen Phifer

The Good Sisters - Helen Phifer

I would like to thank Carina UK for providing me with an advanced reading copy of this book.


The Good Sisters had a lot of potential, but it never quite got there. The premise was a good one, but too much attention was given to the subplots and the main plot suffered as a result. The whole haunting just fell flat, it could have been executed much better.


The storyline concentrated far too much on the romance aspect to the detriment of the atmosphere and tension. As for Kate's personal life, to be honest, the story would have been much better without all the drama, drinking and romance. The romance storyline was way too cringe worthy and didn't add anything positive to the story. Her drinking problem and family drama distracted from, and totally overshadowed, what could have been a great haunted house story.


I much preferred the 1930's timeline, mainly because Kate wasn't in it, but it too had its problems, unrealistic events, and actions. To give a few examples: I struggled with the idea of nuns nipping out to the cinema to see the latest horror film, policemen using curse words in the presence of the nuns, and I'm pretty sure that nuns had to keep their hair covered. Even with the problems I encountered, the earlier timeline was much more enjoyable than the present day one.


As a whole, the storyline didn't have enough depth. The potential for a great haunted house story was there but I feel it only scratched the surface.





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