Review: Greetings from Moon Hill by Anthony J. Rapino

Greetings from Moon Hill - Amelia Bennett, Anthony J. Rapino, Todd Keisling, Todd Keisling


I was provided with an advanced reading copy of this book.


Greetings from Moon Hill is a collection of short stories that are all set within the town of Moon Hill. I liked the idea behind the book, but I really struggled with it. I am now at the 50% mark and I've decided it's time to DNF it. I just can't face the thought of picking it up again.


The stories didn't tie into each other like was expecting them to. They felt random and unconnected and the vast majority of them felt incomplete. It feels to me like the author came across a folder full of ideas and random short stories that he had written previously and planned to return to at a later date, but instead decided to put them in a collection and use the gimmick of them all being set in Moon Hill to try and make something of them.


This is of course only my own opinion, many others seem to have loved the collection, but I am extremely fussy when it comes to short story collections and I'm just not feeling this one at all.




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