Review: Vyrmin by Gene Lazuta

Vyrmin - Pete Kahle, Gene Lazuta

Vyrmin started out well but once the story jumped forward in time to the present day it lost me a little. It started to feel hectic - especially the sections with police running here, there and everywhere. For a large part of the book, I felt like it wasn't going anywhere and was beginning to feel repetitive. At times it felt like two completely different stories thrown together, sort of like throwing scenes from an action movie into a dark atmospheric gothic movie.


I also had trouble getting the characters of Cooper and Conway straight in my head. For the first third of the book I kept losing track of who was who. Cooper and Conway were getting jumbled together and their names being similar didn't help. The writing style wasn't consistent. Some characters, scenes, and events were described vividly and were easily pictured in the minds eye, but other characters and scenes felt flat and distant - the characters were just names on the page. I found myself being drawn out of the story when it switched.


Vyrmin kind of held my attention, but I wasn't being drawn in as much as I wanted to be, and wasn't being drawn to pick it back up when I put it down. It just didn't work for me at all.


Not one I would recommend.



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