Review: Loch Ness Revenge by Hunter Shea

Loch Ness Revenge - Hunter Shea

I enjoyed Loch Ness Revenge, it felt rather like watching an old creature feature and laughing at the ridiculousness and unbelievability of what was going on.


There was a lot of humour and usually I'm not a fan of humour in horror unless it's sarcasm, but in this case, it worked and I enjoyed it. I want to say I found it rather cheesy at times, but I'm not sure if it was supposed to come across as such. I know there is a lot of humour throughout the book but I felt the whole package was rather comical, perhaps it's because I know the Loch Ness area well. There is no way any of the goings on in the loch could go unnoticed, and there's no way you could fire weapons and not have the armed response unit turn up pretty quickly. You'd be locked up in no time! And, sure it rains a lot in Scotland, but if we were to stay indoors every time there was a heavy rain storm, or the weather was bad, we'd all starve in our homes. Another day, another storm, welcome to Scotland!


All in all, Loch Ness Revenge was a fast, fun, and easy read and I read it in one sitting. I did have to make a point of not taking it seriously and to just enjoy the madness. Which is something I usually find hard with this kind of story, but not in this case.





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