Review: Where the Dead Go to Die

Where the Dead Go to Die - Aaron Dries, Mark Allan Gunnells


I would like to thank Crystal Lake Publishing for providing me with an advanced reading copy of Where the Dead Go to Die.


I have to admit I was a bit apprehensive going into this one. I usually avoid zombie books as I feel it's been done many times before - and to be honest I'm really rather bored of them - but Where the Dead Go to Die is a unique take and I was pleasantly surprised. I was intrigued by the concept. A hospice for zombies is a fresh twist that had me going against my usual rule of bypassing any book that has to do with zombies, and I'm really glad that I decided to give this book a try. However, this is more than just a zombie novel, it shines a light on the bond between family members and explores the different ways that people cope with tragedy.


We have hospices that provide care for many different illnesses, so why not provide the same kind of care for victims of a virus that slowly turns your loved one into a cannibalistic killer? How would you cope should you find someone you love infected? Would you fear for your own life and turn your back on them, or would you make sure they had all the love and care that they need in the time they have left? This is just one of the dilemmas you'll come across in Where the Dead Go to Die.


The storyline switches between two different timelines, one being present day, and the other being an earlier timeline that slowly reveals the background of the main character. I found this odd at first because the earlier timeline started off with just a few lines of text and didn't really make sense, but the sections gradually got longer as the book progressed and I quickly realised what the author was doing.


Where the Dead Go to Die really packs a punch. I don't want to say too much in order to avoid spoilers, but this was quite the emotional roller-coaster. By the time the book was finished I have to say I was both delighted, and gutted, by where the story went.

I never thought I would be typing this, but I'm actually recommending a zombie novel!


Definitely one I would recommend.





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