They are alive!!

I contacted Booklikes earlier on the off chance that I would actualy get a reply this time and just received the following on Facebook:


Scarlet Áingeal: Regular users are leaving BookLikes in droves, they have given up as the site is now virtually unusable and there is no word of what's happening, or any help to be found anywhere. Some communication would be nice!


BookLikes: Hi, first of all I'd like to apologize for the late reply.
BookLikes is live and running and broadcasting on social channels again. I'm really sorry about the site issues, we'd like to assure you that we're doing all to sort this out & to make BL stable & fast again.
One more time sorry for this situation. Please write with any issues to and we'll do all to help and support.


Scarlet Áingeal: Perhaps a post on booklikes would be a good idea, at least 10 people yesterday have said they are leaving because they can't do anything at all, they can't post, they can't comment, they can't even get the site to load. To avoid losing anymore of the user base just a few words to let them know things may be improving soon would stop them from leaving completely.


BookLikes: Absolutely! We're doing that any minute now.