Review: Slade House by David Mitchell

Slade House - David Mitchell

The entrance to Slade House appears every nine years, but only a select few have the ability to see it. What lies ahead for those who enter is a large mysterious house that holds their fate in its hands.


Slade House is a collection of connected short stories each set nine years apart and centres around the house and its inhabitants. Spanning from 1979 to 2015 each story takes you on a fantastical mind bending journey as you watch and learn the fate of it's latest victim. As each story progresses you learn a little more about the house and its inhabitants until the ultimate conclusion in 2015 reveals all.


The writing is extremely vivid and paints a strikingly haunting picture of both the house and it's surroundings, and of the characters. The author made it extremely easy for me to picture what I was reading, but at the same time left room for my imagination to fill in the rest. Even though each story had a nine year gap and introduced new characters, there was still a consistency there that held them all together. The atmosphere rolled over me like a fog, becoming darker, thicker, and more menacing as the book progressed. As I read on I started to notice small inconsequential details that appeared in each story. Details which in the larger scheme of things meant nothing, but were cleverly thrown in there to show just how much each character was manipulated beforehand.


Definitely one I would recommend, it was a lot of fun to read and exceeded my expectations.




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