A Creepy, twisted and very atmospheric short story.

Bobo - Richard Schiver

A friend recommended this one to me and originally I thought hmm 10 pages, is it worth it, will I even be able to review it with it being so short. Was it was worth it? Yes. Can I review it? Well lets see :)

I loved that it wasn't so clear cut and obvious what was going on or where the story was going, it made me feel like I was experiencing it the way I would if I was in the main characters situation. The confusion, the fear and panic, where am I? what can I hear? how did I get here? just to name a few, these are all things I'm sure we would all have going through our minds if this were reality.

This is one of those stories once read you'll probably find each reader will have a different opinion of how it ended, it's creepy, twisted and very atmospheric and it's very cleverly left open to the readers own interpretation and imagination to put the pieces together in a way that can totally creep you out.