Well that was different lol

Tethered: Humorous horror ("The Wedding Feast" Trilogy) - Tysche Dwai

Well that was different lol but still an enjoyable read, it had a good few chuckle worthy moments and the odd ewww moment. I don't want to give any of the story away but I hope I still have that kind of appetite in my old age, within reason of course ;)
The characters were great and very easy to grow fond of and definately keep you reading to find out their fate. The story kind of goes back and forth between what feels like two seperate storylines and it's not till roughly around the 90% mark that everything becomes clear, kind of a duh why didn't I work that one out moment. The end had a nice little twist thrown in that I didn't see coming and made the story all the more enjoyable upon finishing it.

While I was reading I was contemplating what rating I would give and was intending to give it 3 stars but for the ending alone and how everything ties together in the end I now feel I want to give it 4 stars.