Loved it!!

Bay's End - Edward Lorn

I really enjoyed this, if I hadn't had so many interruptions I would probably have read this in one sitting.  The dialogue was so natural that I felt like I was part of the conversation.  Characters so dimensional that it was like being right there with them throughout their journey and experiences. On finishing this book I feel like I have been on a journey and lived through the story rather than having read a book.
Having read some negative reviews after finishing this book I feel I just have to say, the book touches on subjects that some may find unpleasant and has bad language throughout which may offend some. 

Personally I found the language added to the story and that without it the book wouldn't have had the same impact. As for the subject matter brought up in the book, this is at the end of the day a story, you can choose to pick it up and read it or you can pass on it and pick something else to read. It warns in the description it contains *Graphic language and adult situations* to then read it and as a result give it a negative review because you ignored the warning, is in my opinion more of a reflection on you and your failure to choose suitable reading material than of the book itself.

This is an easy 5 stars for me and I'm definately going to be picking up more of Edward Lorn's books.