This one is definately not for the faint of heart

Sick Bastards - Matt Shaw


Where to start with this one. Yes, it was sick. Yes, it was gory. Yes, it touched on subjects many would find disturbing and vile. But boy was that one hell of a read!


I have read a lot of horror, it's my favourite genre and it's rare to pick up a book nowadays that can cause the reaction that many books had on me when I first started reading horror. Over the years I have read so much horror that I have become, not immune to it, but certainly to the point where not much really gets to me in the way it used to. This one however had that effect, it reminded me why I fell in love with horror in the first place. While it's not a book that I would say has the scare factor, it definately has the cringe, disturbing and disgustingly gorish factor.


This one is definately not for the faint of heart, it covers topics such as incest and cannibalism. It touched on the out of bounds, the extreme, the gore, all the things that have you cringing and feeling rather squeamish.


You know what they say - never judge a book by it's cover. In this case I think it's safe to say that what you see is what you get, this book is definately appropriately named Sick Bastards.