The Long Fall, a holiday read with a twist.

The Long Fall - Julia Crouch


I received a copy of The Long Fall from the publishers via NetGalley in return for an honest review.


This is another book that is hard to review without spoilers sneaking in, I seem to be choosing a lot of those lately.


The Long Fall is the first book by Julia Crouch that I have read, I felt it slow to start with but I stuck with it and I ended up enjoying it once the story picked up.


The main character Emma was really well written, with lots of depth and emotion and was very likable. I found myself becoming immersed in the ups and downs of her journey as the story progressed. I did however start to get irritated with her further on in the book, wanting to just give her a good shake and tell her to get a grip lol.


There are a couple of big twists in the story, which I had worked out before they happened. However it didn't ruin the book at all, although it would have been nice to have experienced them without knowing what was coming.


If you're thinking of picking this one up as a holiday read, I wouldn't advise doing so if you are a female travelling alone. I would imagine it would have you a second guessing every decision you make.