I have no words!


I'm in the middle of beta reading a book atm and I just had to post to tell someone, it's so freakin good!!


I have no words for what I just read, it's freakin brilliant but so wrong at the same time.  It's been a long, long time since a book has had an effect on me the way this one has.   I have cringed and made the weirdest noises while reading this book so far, even had to put it down at a few points.


I just had to share, I don't want to give away what book it is that I am reading yet, but I just had to say.. OMG you guys are in for a treat when this comes out!


EDIT: I have spoken to the author and he said it's cool to tell you guys. So here it is, I am beta reading through Kyle M. Scotts soon to be released novel Devils Day!