Rescheduled!! Will now be free from Wednesday for 5 days

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Dr Blessing's Rapture, Or, The Beast And The Bell-Jar - Jack Rollins

 Jack messaged me today to let me know that he has had to reschedule his book promotion.  As the title says the book will now be free for 5 days come Wednesday the 16th of July instead.



The sequel to Dr Blessing's Curse, Or, The Baby In The Bell-Jar.
Note: this title is best read after having first read Dr Blessing's Curse, Or, The Baby In The Bell-Jar.

In this second Dr Blessing novella, the chase is on as Victorian physician Dr Blessing pits his wits against a private inquiry agent and an operative sent by a shadowy organization, both intent on uncovering the secret of the bell-jar. Dr Blessing stands poised at the fringe of the destruction of his old life and the creation of a new self, but who will he take with him? Who will stay true? Who will succumb to new temptations? Who will survive The Beast And The Bell-Jar?

Ramping up the action, the story of Dr Blessing continues, with all the horror and eeriness of the original tale, Dr Blessing's Rapture picks up the pace with desperate rooftop scrambles, brutality and elements of a dark fantasy tale.

The story follows not only Dr Blessing this time, but shifts between the doctor himself and his two pursuers who have different motives, different methods but the utter conviction that the doctor must be stopped!


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