Help for the Haunted

Help for the Haunted - John Searles


I received a copy of Help for the Haunted from the publisher in return for an honest review.

I picked this one up originally expecting it to be a paranormal story and that's what it seemed to be at the start.  As I got into it though it turned out to be more of a light murder mystery than paranormal.  

I found it very slow and while it wasn't a bad story, the whole time I was reading I felt like I was waiting for something to happen. The characters felt a little flat to me, the only character in the book that had depth was Sylvie who the story revolved around.  

To be honest I was disappointed, I read reviews that said it was creepy, disturbing and full of suspense, it was none of that for me.  I found myself picking up other books instead and then having to almost force myself to pick this one back up just to finish it.  It just wasn't holding my attention and the story felt like it wasn't going anywhere.