I don't want this series to be over :(

The Book of Life  - Deborah Harkness


I received a copy of The Book of Life from the publishers in return for an honest review.

The Book of Life is the final installment of the All Souls Trilogy by Deborah Harkness and what a trilogy it has been.  I'm going to miss reading about Matthew and Diana now that it's over.  

I found the second installment, Shadow of Night, a chore when it came to the amount of characters, it was hard to remember who was who.  Thankfully in The Book of Life I didn't have that problem and it was certainly a lot easier to follow as a result.

Diana really comes into her own in book three and it was a pleasure to see her become a force to be reckoned with.  We finally get to learn the secrets of Ashmole 782 but I would have liked to have learned more, they searched for this book for so long and I expected more in a way of an explanation than what was given.

While this book wraps up Diana and Matthews story, I can't help but want to read more about some of the other characters in the book.  The core supporting characters, as well as the main characters, had so much depth and I feel like I want to know more about their own stories, especially Gallowglass who has been my favourite throughout the series.  Let's hope there is a spin off coming in the future.

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