Killing Your Boss - James DeSantis

I was given a copy of Killing Your Boss by the author in return for an honest review.

Killing Your Boss is a story of revenge that's full of unexpected twists and turns, three employees fed up with their boss, decide to take action and send him to the big E-Mart in the sky, but things don't quite work out how they planned.

I enjoyed the premise and the twists and turns of this story, however, there are a lot of spelling, punctuation and grammar errors and as a result there was no flow to the words, this made it hard for me to become immersed in the story.  

I found myself having to re-read parts a few times to try and understand the story and dialogue and it got confusing in some parts. I also noticed at one part in the story that the author had gotten the male characters names mixed up and during a rather amorous part of the tale there was a typing error that resulted in the following: "and she smiled, loving the reaction he would get from him." that put a humerous dampner on the whole scene. There was also a lot of switching back and forth between different tenses.

I know this is a rather critical review but I did promise to be honest.  It's important to edit and spell check your work several times before publishing, because it can, like in this case, ruin what could have been a great story.

With some corrections and editing this could be a great short story but as it stands it really needs quite a bit of work to make it a lot more readable and enjoyable.  This for me is at the moment a 2.5 which I am going to round up to a 3 because of course there are no half stars on GR.

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