A psychological tale of torment, instability and horror!

CLOWN - Matt Shaw


I had the pleasure of being able to beta read a copy of CLOWN and I would just like to say first of all, Thank you to Matt Shaw for the opportunity.

I'm quickly becoming an huge fan of Matt's work and even more so now after reading CLOWN.  What a great read this turned out to be.  Clowns are creepy on their own but the way this tale is spun adds a unique twist that makes it all the more disturbing.

CLOWN takes you on a journey inside the mind of a lonely, neglected and tormented individual.  An individual who spends his days entertaining children and hiding behind the persona of a clown.  It's a psychological tale of torment, instability and horror that develops like a slowly ticking time bomb and concludes with an explosion of a twist at the end.

Highly recommended, you won't be disappointed.

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