Devil's Day now on Amazon!!!

DEVIL'S DAY: A Satanic Novel of Extreme Horror and Suspense. - Kyle M. Scott


It's official, I wanna have Kyles little horror book babies after reading this one.

I was over the moon when I was asked to beta read Devils Day, I've been looking forwards to getting my hands on this since I read Consumed: Volume 1. I dropped everything else I was reading when I received my copy and dived right in.

I have been a little disheartened with horror lately, I have felt for a long time that I have been searching for a book that would remind me why I fell in love with horror to begin with. Don't get me wrong, I have read many a good horror lately, just not found the one. You know, that one that would give me the rush that I used to get when I first came to the genre. Well guess what? I found it!!

This is by far the best horror I have read in a long, long time. Devils Day had me cringing and pulling faces and I'm not even going to mention the noises that I found myself making at some parts, or the rather unladylike words that occasionaly slipped out. I have literally not been able to put this book down since receiving it, well apart from the WTF! No! He's not gonna go there is he? OMG he did! That is so freakin sick and wrong and brilliant at the same time moments, where I had to put it down to digest what I had just read.

Two nights in a row now I have been up till after 7am reading, I just couldn't help myself. I feel like I have sat reading with a horrified grin on my face the whole time I had the book in my hands, yes it was that good. I even found myself having weird dreams, it's been ages since a book last gave me weird dreams.

I probably sound like a rambling fool but it's just pure excitement at having managed to find that horror rush again after so long. You've GOT to give this a read, it's a must read for horror fans out there and it's definately my favourite read of 2014 so far.

Kyle you got one hell of a book on your hands, job well done, you should be really proud of this one.