We Are All Completely Fine

We Are All Completely Fine - Daryl Gregory

We Are All Completely Fine is set around a group of normal people, all who have each had an extraordinary experience.  An experience that has damaged their psyche.  Can they recover? Will sharing their experience with a group help?  Dr. Jan Sayer hopes so, she's set up a group, somewhere they can gather and share and hopefully heal from the events that brought each of them to the group.

The story reveals bit by bit, each of the members experience and the horror they lived through.  It's like a puzzle, each experience being another part of the jigsaw, which as pieces are added, reveals a link, a link that then takes them on a journey together.

I really enjoyed this book, it was very cleverly executed.  Each characters story was horrifying on it's own and they all came together at the end in a twist I did not see coming.

The only negative, I would have liked it to have been longer, there was potential there to make this a full novel, rather than a novella.  I also wanted to know more about Harrison's experience too, it felt kind of brushed over compared to the back stories of the other characters.