I gave in, now I gotta to wait on the rest!!

Cruelty (Episodes One - Five) - Edward Lorn

I have yet to read something by Edward Lorn that I haven't loved and this was no exception.  I've had Cruelty Episode One on my kindle for ages and have been holding off on reading it till the series was complete, but I was lucky enough to win a copy of Episode One - Five and it's been shouting read me every time I have opened my kindle and I couldn't resist.  Now I gotta wait on the rest! :(

It has everything I love about how Edward tells a story, character depth that has you feeling like you've known the characters forever, dialogue that has you right there feeling part of the conversation and a plot that has you turning page after page.  

I'm really looking forwards to seeing where this story ends, I went into the Cruelty series blind, I didn't read the blurbs or reviews as I wanted to just dive in knowing nothing.  I'm really glad I made that choice, I had no idea what to expect and as a result I thoroughly enjoyed how the story grew and developed into much more than I was expecting from the cover alone.

I don't want to go into much more in this review as I want to wait till I have read the complete series and revisit the review knowing the whole storyline.

I'm itching to know what's coming next!

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