A chilling, powerful and emotional read.

The Cold Cold Sea - Linda Huber

I received a copy of The Cold Cold Sea from the publishers in return for an honest review.

This was such a heart wrenching and terrifying read, especially as a parent myself.  You can't watch your kids 24 hours a day and it only takes you taking your eyes off them for a second and the worst can happen.

Olivia disappears, no one knows where or why or what's happened to her.  Was she abducted, did she wander off and get lost or did the sea claim her?  Children love the beach but the sea is such a dangerous place, taking your attention away from a child for a short time and then realising you can't see them anymore, not knowing where they have gone or what has happened, I can't even begin to imagine how one would cope.  

Linda Huber does an excellent job of portraying the grief, fear, pain and terror in this chilling tale about a lost little girl. I was so engrossed in this book that I read it in one sitting.  It was a powerful and emotional read that had me turning page after page desperate to know if there was a happy outcome.

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