Now You See Me by Emma Haughton

Now You See Me - Emma Haughton

First reads giveaway win (May 09, 2014)

I won a copy of Now You See Me through a first reads giveaway.

Now You See Me was a great read. The characters were well developed and full of depth, very easy to care about and become attached to. The main character Hannah was so well written that I felt like I knew her, her emotions and feelings were portrayed really well.

The plot kept me guessing for a huge part of the book, although I did eventually work out what was going on ahead of it being revealed. Even though I had guessed the twists that were in the book, it in no way ruined the enjoyment of reading. The book held my attention the whole way through, I just had to keep turning the pages to discover the outcome. The story flowed really well and I found myself totally immersed.

I would have liked to have read a little more from Danny's point of view, I know the why but I would also have liked to know how.

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