This book was quite an emotional one for me.

On Dragonfly Wings: A Skeptic's Journey to Mediumship - Daniela Norris


I received this book as part of a FirstReads giveaway.

Reading this book reminded me very much of my own journey and experiences.  I lost my mum to cancer many years ago and before she died she was looking for something, something not just to comfort her but to help her fight the cancer.  Reading On Dragonfly Wings almost echoes the experiences we had together when we started down the new path of what was to eventually become a huge part of our lives.

My mum lost her battle with cancer but because of all the similar experiences we had to those in this book, she touched many more lives and shone so much brighter as a result.  Together we went on shaman journeys, learned to use dowsing rods and crystals, we both studied Reiki and became Reiki Masters, learned magnified healing, met our spirit guides and many more different things.  We met lots of wonderful people who touched our lives in a way that I will remember forever.

This book has brought back so many memories that I hadn't thought about for a long time, it's made me both smile and shed a tear.  Thank you Daniela for sharing your journey, I will be reading this book many times over in the future as it will help in a way to keep those memories closer for me.


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