Didn't work for me.

The 100 Society - Carla Spradbery


I received a copy of The 100 Society from the publishers in return for an honest review.

I struggled with this one, it kind of held my attention but at the same time it didn't. I found myself frustrated at the characters decisions, I felt like they went from the extreme to totally unbelievable. There were certain events that took place where characters were badly hurt or even killed, their reactions and the fact they didn't get help or say something for fear of getting expelled from school just totally baffled me.

I couldn't connect at all with any of the characters, whether that was because they lacked depth or the believability of their actions I'm not sure. The premise was good but it just didn't work for me at all.

The only reason I kept reading was to find out who was behind the threats and even then I was more skimming the story than reading it.

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