The Witch of Salt and Storm by Kendall Kulper

The Witch of Salt and Storm - Kendall Kulper

I received a copy of The Witch of Salt and Storm from the publisher in return for an honest review.

Avery has the gift of reading dreams and she's destined to become the next Roe witch on Prince Island, but before she can take her place and watch over the island and the people who live there, her mother returns and takes her away from everything she's known and the future she's planned.

Trapped and forbidden to return to learn her craft she has a dream of her own, a dream that shows her life is at risk and she has no one to turn to. That is until she meets a young boy, a boy who has dreams of his own and is looking for the help of the Roe witch.

The Witch of Salt and Storm had me hooked, the scenes were full of detail and atmosphere. I could easily picture the island in my mind, the cottage by the sea, the surf, the sounds and atmosphere all just poured off the pages. The characters were complex and full of depth, each having their own stories, superstitions and cultures which pulled them together in ways that made their relationships and interactions so much more intoxicating to read.

The Witch of Salt and Storm will take you on an emotional journey full of highs and lows, happiness and sorrow and have your heart aching and singing all at the same time.

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