Take One With You by Oak Anderson

Take One With You - Oak Anderson


I really liked the idea behind this book but I found the story itself lacking. It felt to me like it just skimmed the surface of what could have been a really good book.

I couldn't connect with the characters, they felt flat and just thrown into the story for a different perspective. I didn't like how the story jumped back and forth between the different point of views, it didn't work for me in this case. Perhaps if each had been a little longer and had more background it would have worked but as it is I just couldn't connect at all. They were repetitive, they all had issues and it started to feel like oh here we go, another one with more issues. I would have loved to have had some regular everyday people doing it for their own reasons, reasons which didn't have a huge pile of issues behind them. At times it seemed confusing as to how each was connected, again I think this was due to lack of a better back story to tie them in.

The plot was what initially drew me to this book and I feel like it was poorly executed, it could have worked for me if everything tied in together a lot more. I had to make a point of finishing rather than enjoying it and want to keep on reading.

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